All Track 1-1/4" 3D Printed Eco-Friendly Cam Locking Patterned Web Belt

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As a first generation of the 3D Printed line of products, the All Track offers color matching web and buckles and military grade strength - all 3D printed here in the USA with global materials. Including the All Track buckle, our 3D Printed Eco-Friendly Buckles™ are all made from Plant-Based Bio-Degradable Materials, towards an effort to reduce our footprint on the environment. Industry ready for workers in all settings, this belt is sure to be a new favorite. Completely nickel-free and metal-free, this makes for a great travel belt being TSA and airport friendly. The buckle opens to a full 180 degree, allowing for full adjustment to get the sizing not just close, but perfect. The 1-1/4" design is ideal for lightweight use such as hiking or low-profile wear for day to day wear. The near identical 1-1/2" All Terrain is more suited for heavy duty usage. Choose from 3 select sizes, and trim excess webbing for the perfect fit without any slack.


  • Nylon-Blend Fabric
  • 1-1/2" Width
  • 3D Printed Multicolored Metal Free/Nickel Free Cam Eco Buckle for a hassle free airport and travel experience, and hypoallergenic for users with a metal allergy
  • Machine washable for an easy cleaning - just include belt with clothing when washing!
  • Available in 3 Cut-to-Size Lengths (View Size Chart Here)
  • Made in the USA from Global Materials
  • Available in 5 Matching Buckle/Web Combos
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