Sunday Best: Creative Ways to Dress Up Young Boys for Easter

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to figure out what to wear for the annual holiday. Unlike other holidays, Easter brings with it a specific dress code steeped in bold colors, light fabrics, adventure and elegance. Surely, Dad will dress himself in a suit with a bright tie or pocket square. If he’s brave enough, he might even go for a lightly colored ensemble in pastel blue or white. But what about your little guy? Considering the bulk of the day’s activities (i.e. Easter egg hunts) will probably revolve around him, he should be dressed for success.

Sunday Best: Creative Ways to Dress Up Young Boys for Easter

The key with dressing young boys for Easter is to evoke the holiday spirit while also outfitting him in something that allows him to get active. Easter egg hunts involve a lot of running, digging and crawling. Don’t dress him in a suit. While you want him to dress like daddy, it won’t bode well for the clothes. Trust us on this one.

Prep Casual

Easter is a great time to brighten up your little one’s color palette. Dress him in pastels and playful accessories. For example, a white dress shirt, salmon or light green chinos and a baby blue bowtie work perfectly together. Finish it off with our Dillon Braided Leather Belt to add in a touch of cool. He’ll get all the attention from the ladies at church and he’ll have no problem scaling the treehouse in the backyard to find that last egg.

Rugged Retro

You might not be able to get away with jeans on Easter Sunday but your boy can. Dress him up in dark denim with a white shirt, a dark bowtie and some brown suspenders. Pair it all back to brown loafers or moccasins. The look combines the worlds of the lumberjack and the retro culture philosopher into one cohesive ensemble. He’ll be the best dressed little guy at Sunday dinner—probably even sharper than you.


Maybe your son has a little bit of attitude and likes to stand out in the crowd? This calls for a look that defies convention and goes against the Easter Sunday rules. Give him a plaid (or similarly patterned) shirt with a pair of pink cotton shorts. Throw on some black sunglasses, matching sneakers and our Coleman Leather Belt. By skipping out on the full-length pants and the formal accessories, you’re dressing him up like a new school rebel. The family will still want to pinch his cheeks, but at least he’ll be cool.


If you can’t resist the urge to suit him up, at least pick something that’s one of a kind. Seersucker suits have a distinct pattern. Plus, they still look good when they get wrinkled and they’re breathable. Your little guy will look sharp and have no problem running around the yard in the afternoon.

Easter Sunday might be a day that forces you to dress up but for your young boy, it’s a chance to dress with personality.

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