The Must-Have Spring Accessories of 2016

With winter’s cold weather melting into buds, blossoms, and sunny skies, it’s undeniable that spring is here. Along with your spring cleaning, fix-it projects, and yard maintenance tasks, springtime is a great opportunity to refresh your wardrobe. Your spring wardrobe overhaul should begin with getting rid of things you don’t need, then finding new ways to breathe life into older pieces.

One of the best ways to transform last year’s style into something that feels fresh and fun for spring activities is by incorporating new

The Must-Have Spring Accessories of 2016
accessories that accent and enhance what might otherwise be a simple piece. Instead of spending your whole budget on a new wardrobe, why not purchase a few signature accessories that will accent your style and make everyone wonder how you keep your style so on-trend and put together.

Embrace Spring Style

In 2016, spring style is all about bold colors and crisp coordinates. While in past seasons spring has been about pastels, this year the bolder colors are stealing the spotlight. Cherry red, royal blue, and sunflower yellow have dominated the runways as well as the pages of catalogs. Another new trend is coordinating an outfit in the same color family. For example, wearing a blue top and a blue belt with blue pants was once thought of as a style faux pas, but now it’s not only accepted, but touted as highly stylish for both casual and formal occasions. The key to this look is choosing pieces in slightly different shades to add contrast and depth to the outfit while avoiding looking too monochromatic. An accessory that works seamlessly for both of these looks is a boldly colorful Essex leather belt, available in bright choices like Blaze (sunny orange), Curry (spicy yellow), Cobalt (rich, nautical blue), or Cayenne (deep red)

Add a Pop of Color or Pattern

Another spring look that’s simply too fun to ignore is the color pop. This look only requires one accessory, which makes it the perfect trend to accent your existing wardrobe. To make the most of this look, create an outfit with your favorite neutrals, like a pair of jeans and a white shirt. Add your pop of color or a fun, colorful pattern to bring the outfit together. A statement tote gives you a color splash and a convenient way to hold all your belongings. To add an understated element of fun to your otherwise neutral outfit, try adding a patterned belt to your ensemble. Whether you’re going to a meeting or a cocktail party, an eye-catching belt like this madras choice will add style and personality to even the most neutral attire.

Spring into Style

No matter how you choose to incorporate spring’s top trends in your style, you’ll be able to give some of your favorite wardrobe classics a new life with accessories that emphasize your style and add color to any ensemble. Whether you choose to add a pop of color with a statement tote or belt, or you’d prefer to accentuate your neutrals with a playful pattern, Thomas Bates is here to help.

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