The Best Ways to Carry Cash While Traveling

Summer is a season when most Americans hit the road for their annual vacations. Whether it’s a road trip across the country or an international expedition, all travelers have one thing in common—a need to keep their money safe. Taking cash on vacation is a great way to stick to a daily spending budget and avoid racking up credit card debt. However, it can be intimidating to carry a large amount of money in your wallet. From pickpockets to overspending, your travel cash can be a big liability. If you’re determined to keep your money protected, consider these options.

The Best Ways to Carry Cash While Traveling

Ditch Your Wallet

Your day-to-day wallet is your prized possession and the way you feel most comfortable storing your money. But on vacation, it can serve as an open invitation to anyone looking to get rich quick. Instead of sticking your money in your back pocket, hide it somewhere else on your body. Our Titan Money Belt has a 20” zipper pocket that can hold up to 15 bills. Our Nomad Money Pocket is a lightweight money pocket that hangs inside your pants and holds all the essentials including your cash and passport.

Keep It in Different Places

Let’s say you have $2,000 in cash. There’s no reason to carry all of this with you every time you leave your hotel room. Pull out just enough to get you through the day and divvy up the rest in additional safe spots. Your daily stash will stay secured in your Titan Money Belt. The rest can be split between the safety deposit box in the room and even your suitcase (if you keep it locked).

Get Smarter Than the Thieves

When you travel internationally, cities like Paris are thick with pickpockets. Carrying a wallet at tourist hotspots is discouraged. Invest in a theft-proof bag. These state-of-the-art travel bags are designed to resist cutting and have locking zippers. They’re crafted with the safety of your possessions in mind. A thief with bad intentions will have a hard time getting into this bag.

Try Alternatives to Cash

These days, traveler’s checks might seem like a thing of the past, but they can still provide value. For starters, if they’re stolen, you have a way to call and retrieve your funds. A theft attempt won’t leave you high and dry. Plus, you can venture around your destination without lugging wads of cash or worrying about securing them.

Keep a Slim Wallet

If you’re visiting a destination in which you feel safe carrying a wallet, keep its contents limited. One credit card will suffice. Leave the rest at home. And get rid of all the things that make it bulky, like membership passes, business cards and loose change. The fatter your wallet, the more apparent it is to a thief. Slimming it down will make you less of a target.

Vacationing can be one of the highlights of your year, but you don’t want a loss of funds to be the highlight of your trip. Think differently about carrying your cash this season.

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