Best Bags and Wallets to Lighten Your Load on the Road

Whenever you fly, you probably notice the increasing number of people with carry-on luggage. These people are focused on simplification. Whether they’re headed off to London for a week or Dallas for a day trip, these people understand the value of traveling light, and they’ve purchased the necessary luggage to do so. Don’t look at them with scorn as they try to shove their rolling suitcases into the overhead compartment. Follow their lead. Invest a little extra in some bags and wallets that can help you lighten your load when you’re away from home. You’ll be amazed at how much easier travel becomes.

Best Bags and Wallets to Lighten Your Load on the Road

Duffle Bag

If you’re going away for a weekend or a day trip, there’s no reason to take a suitcase. Everything you need should be able to fit into a duffle bag. Leather duffle bags are great because they’re durable and masculine. As the leather’s patina sets in over time, the bags take on a rustic, aged quality that makes them look even better. And still, there’s enough space to toss in all your travel gear without losing track of where you placed things. And unlike those rolling suitcases, it fits into every compartment with ease.

Cambridge Pebblegrain Front Pocket Wallet

The wallet you carry to the office and the one you take on vacation should have nothing in common. Monday through Friday, you’ve got two credit cards, an ID, your Starbucks card, your gym membership card, cash, business cards, etc. Your everyday wallet is like an abyss—whatever goes in never comes out. But there’s no reason to keep this up on the road. The Cambridge Pebblegrain Front Pocket Wallet has just enough space for a couple cards and your ID. You can slide your cash into the leather-covered money clip and tuck it into your pocket. When you’re away from home, you shouldn’t need more than this.

Manchester Madras Tote Bag

Tote bags are incredibly efficient bag solutions. Though they’ve gotten a bad rap over the years for looking less than masculine, they should be celebrated. Unlike other bags, totes are heavily compartmentalized, making it ridiculously easy to find your cell phone or that folder with your latest presentation. The Manchester Madras Tote Bag is equipped with a front pocket, interior zipper pocket and comfort straps for stress-free carrying.

Outdoor Backpack

If you’re planning on hiking or backpacking through the countryside, you must carry everything you need on your back at all times. You need to bring all the basics but you also don’t want them to weigh you down. An outdoor backpack, referred to by some brands as a frame pack, basically functions like an upright duffle bag, but with the compartmentalized function of a tote. There are tons of pockets both inside and out to store everything from your toiletries to your umbrella. And the backpack straps evenly distribute the weight across both shoulders.

The next time you leave home, make sure you’re only bringing along what you need.

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