Beat The Heat With These Breezy Sailing Adventures

Summer is a beautiful time of year to take a getaway with your family and your sailboat. While there are many perks to sailing around your local harbors, a sailing adventure somewhere new can serve as the perfect opportunity to connect with your family or your spouse, while resetting your internal batteries before you head back to the daily grind. As a sailing enthusiast, you already know that the best sailing excursions are in beautiful areas with fair weather and good company. This summer, why not try some of these memorable sailing adventures with handpicked accessories to match.

Beat The Heat With These Breezy Sailing Adventures

Explore the Rugged Maine Coast

The famed Maine coast is home to some of the most photographed lighthouses in the world, but beyond these picturesque photo ops, Maine’s rocky coast has the scenic variety that sailors seek. For an adventure you’ll always remember, cast off in scenic Camden, headed South. Hug the coast for views of the Camden hills, the quaint port of Rockland, and the classic lobstering ports of Round Pond, Southport, and Friendship. Watch waves crash against cliffs in historic Pemaquid Point, then continue South, stopping at Bailey’s Island off the coast of Harpswell for a lobster roll. With a classic Maine meal to fuel the last leg of your journey, continue South until you arrive in Casco Bay in the bustling port city of Portland, Maine. To accessorize for your adventure, select a patterned double-sided web belt, that not only does its job while you sail, but looks chic and intentional when you step onto the mainland for a meal.

Take in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

North Carolina boasts an unmatched combination of gorgeous weather and miles of pristine coastline. The Atlantic and gulf coast’s lntracoastal Waterway is comprised of sounds, canals, and salt rivers, hugging the coastline for more than 3000 miles. Begin your sail by entering through the Albemarle & Chesapeake Canal, taking in the views of Currituck in the distance. Sailing the waterway, you’ll navigate through a series of breezy channels through the areas of Beaufort and Cape Lookout, following the coast until the mouth of the Cape Fear River. As you explore the coast, you’ll find many restaurants and shops bordering the harbor, small islands, and wildlife like pelicans, porpoises, and even the common site of wild ponies who frequent the beaches. While you’re meandering through the ICW, sport a classic braided belt that is as comfortable as it is stylish.

Experience the Florida Keys

If you’re craving sunshine and new views with every turn, take a Southbound adventure through the Florida keys. In the warmer waters off Florida’s coast, you can snorkel on the reef, exploring the habitat of dolphins, sea turtles, and stunningly colorful fish. If you choose to stay on the deck and take in the sunshine, you’ll find numerous chances for photo opportunities, especially in areas like Key Largo and Cedar Key, both of which are dotted with small islands in the sparkling blue water. End your sail in Key West, where you can dock and explore the shops, restaurants, and narrow streets dotted with colorful bungalow homes. For this adventure, choose a multi-purpose belt that shows off your love for the natural beauty of the Southern-most point of the country, while remaining durable and useful whether you’re exploring the sea or the shore. No matter where the wind takes you, one thing is for sure; you’ll be the picture of sailing style with your Thomas Bates belt.

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