5 Fun Things to Do Outdoors for Spring

Spring is officially here. You’ll probably hear people talking about the vernal equinox and shifts in weather patterns. None of that is important. What really matters is the return of sunny days. You’ve spent January and February binge watching Narcos on your couch and pounding back pale ale while you watched the game at your local bar. But now it’s time for a change. After being cooped up inside all winter, it’s time to get back outdoors. If you’re at a loss for how to get started, try these activities.

5 Fun Things to Do Outdoors for Spring

Batting Cages or Driving Range

You’ll feel the urge to hit the golf course or join your neighborhood baseball league as temps rise again. But keep in mind that you haven’t practiced for a few months. You need a place to revive your swing and wake those muscles up before you try to show off for 18 holes or 9 innings. Spending some time at the cages or the driving range will give you a great workout, get you outdoors and save you the embarrassment of bombing in front of your friends.


While Spring definitely encourages you to go outside, it’s not quite warm enough for a trip to the beach. However, that doesn’t mean your outdoor plans can’t involve water. Make plans for some river rafting or kayaking. Both activities give you a chance to combine action, adventure and strength training. To make sure nothing slows you down, wear a metal free belt like our Bulldog Web Belt that is sturdy, low-profile and won’t dig in to your skin. Use your time in the wild to get your adrenaline pumping.

Boot Camp

If you’re into fitness, you’ve likely spent the entire season within the confines of your gym. Working out provides tons of benefits regardless of where you do it, but the treadmill and the weight room can get boring five days a week. Sign up for an outdoor boot camp in the park. Breathing in some fresh air and changing your scenery can do wonders for your engagement level. For guys who aren’t keen on the group workout scene, pick a running trail or test out an obstacle course. Outdoor workouts can shock your muscles in a good way and help you blast some extra fat.

Live Music

There’s nothing like seeing your favorite band while the wind blows through your hair and the sun sets in the background. Spring is the season of the music festival. SXSW has already come and gone, and there are tons of alternatives (Coachella, Lollapalooza) on its heels. Spring is the perfect season to head west and take in the music of your favorite artists in a new atmosphere.


While some guys are brave enough to keep camping during the colder months, most of you probably decided to wait until the frost melted away for good. Spring is the ideal time to get back out on a camping trip. The weather is moderate, so you can avoid extremes either way. And you can circumvent the rush of people that floods camping sites over the summer. Bring along a sensible belt like our Backpacker Web Belt, made to stay tight and remain comfortable during all outdoor activities.

Whether you want to get active, commune with nature or just get out of the house, Spring offers limitless opportunities for you to embrace the great outdoors.

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