5 Father's Day Gfts for Outdoorsy Dads

For the outdoorsman, there’s nothing worse than receiving another pair of socks or cuff links on Father’s Day. Unlike Mother’s Day, in which flowers and brunch seem to be a no-brainer, Father’s Day tends to stump even the best gift givers. Like any parent, dads want (and expect) a little originality in their gifts. The outdoorsman is looking for something that adds value to his daily life. If you’re unsure of what to purchase, try one of these five options, and you’ll make his special day extra memorable.

5 Father's Day Gfts for Outdoorsy Dads

Utility Tools

It’s time to think beyond the standard tool set. If you’re shopping for a guy who likes to get his hands dirty, he probably has a state-of-the-art collection of screwdrivers and hammers. Give him something that’s multi-purpose and well-designed. Zootility’s Pocket Monkey is a TSA-safe gadget with 11 different tools ranging from an orange peeler to a cord wrap for his earbuds. With a slightly bigger budget, you can spring for the Victorinox Hunter XT, a sleek, stainless steel pocket knife that also has a Phillips head screwdriver and gut hook.

Functional Belts

Outdoorsy dads are more concerned with function than fashion when they’re outdoors. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t help them out with the latter. Belts like the Titan Web Belt are durable, comfortable, and double as an emergency tie-down strap when needed. Offered in a variety of patterns and colors, the Titan is the perfect blend of these two worlds. The Switchback is our military-inspired belt which also works as an effective tie-down strap and has thick enough webbing to substitute as a holster to hold his favorite tools.

The Ultimate Cooler

Whether it’s a blazing hot fishing trip or weeklong camping excursion, the outdoorsy dad needs reliable storage to keep his perishable items cold. The Esky Cooler line from Coleman is a pricey investment but it’s worth it. According to Field & Stream Magazine, these coolers can keep ice from melting for up to 3 days. And they come in sizes ranging from 55 to 205 quarts. This is a gift that any outdoorsman will appreciate.

Whiskey Rocks

Chances are your dad may have smuggled along some Bourbon or Rye on his trip. Since he’s outdoors, he’ll have to sacrifice fine glassware for something more portable like a Solo cup. But that doesn’t mean he has to deal with melting ice. There’s nothing worse than a diluted drink. With whiskey rocks, he can keep his drink ice cold without it getting watered down. And the rocks work well with all cold drinks. Crate and Barrel and Williams-Sonoma have great, affordable options.

Insulated Shirts

Though Father’s Day falls in June, outdoor activity takes place year-round. On chilly mornings and frigid afternoons, outdoorsmen need clothing that can keep them warm. And it doesn’t hurt if they’re a little bit stylish too. Gift your dad with some thermal layering shirts or insulated shirts. For the former, Carhartt is a trusted name that offers great options. For the latter, try upstart brand Iron and Resin.

Veering outside of the typical Father’s Day gift list doesn’t have to be scary. Put function first and you’ll land the perfect present with ease.

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