How do I know what size belt to order?

Watch this Video where Thomas explains belt sizing.

The first thing to remember about belt size is that belts are measured around the outside of the pants. Pants are measured inside the waistband. So, you should ALWAYS order one size larger for your belt than your pants size. Also, pants manufacturers tend to understate their sizing. So, if you bought a sz. 36 pair of pants, they may measure 37” or 38” around the inside of the waist. In that case, someone who wears a sz. 36 pants might need a sz. 40 belt.

To be sure, and to save time, measure before you order! Start by measuring a belt that fits you well now (don’t just go by the size, as leather belts can stretch). Measure from the inside of the tip of the buckle to the hole where your normally fasten your belt. Round up to the nearest even number to find the right size to order. You can also measure around the outside of the pants you intend to wear the belt with (while you are normally wearing them with your shirt tucked in/out).

How do I cut my fabric belt to size?

Watch this how-to video where Thomas Bates shares how to cut down your belt to size.

How do I open my hiker belt buckle?

Watch this Video where Thomas talks about the two essential outdoors belts, Hiker and Backpacker.

Can I put the same design on different products?

Absolutely! Since our Visiontree® process is digital, we can re-size the images to fit the webbing. So, whether you order a 5/8” Westie Dog Collar, or a 1-1/2” Titan belt, you can still choose the same pattern for both products.

What if I want to use my own design on a Thomas Bates product?

Watch this how-to video where Thomas Bates shares how to order a custom belt.

If you want use your own design, just upload a jpg or png file of your image to the custom belt template here. We will be happy to give you some feedback on what we would need to do to make it look great. Upload your design, select your pattern, belt style and size and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Contact us at any time with your questions: info@thomasbates.com, or 800-929-5859.

What if I have a broken hiker buckle?

Watch this Video where Thomas explains broken belt buckle replacement.

We can repair your 1-1/4” Hiker belt with a new buckle for $8.95—this includes both the buckle and the shipping cost. Please contact customer service to order.

Other questions?? Feel free to email or call us at 1-800-929-5859 with any questions.