Thomas Bates to Provide Custom Belts for American Cancer Society Event in Boston

Breast Cancer Awareness

Several natural disasters across the United States has led to an outpouring of support for those affected. They have brought people of all different backgrounds together as they work for the communities around them. Thomas Bates is proud to support the American Cancer Society and the work they do for communities across the country. We are providing the organization with custom logo belts for its annual Boston Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event.


Best Spots to Spot Fall Foliage in the USA

Spots Fall Foliage Blog

Cool temperatures and crisp air across much of the United States makes the fall season one of the most enjoyable. Mother Nature is at her best in autumn, displaying a dazzling array of foliage in a range of brilliant colors.

Some of the best foliage is dotted alongside thousands of miles of scenic roads, just outside picturesque towns and villages, or nearby National Forests and Parks – making a fall adventure exciting for just about anyone. (more…)

3 Overlooked Riverfront Cities

Riverfront cities offer a level of charm that beach towns just can’t match. Maybe it’s the culture, the hospitality of the locals, or the rich history that lurks underneath everything from art galleries to lighthouses. Whatever the reason, riverfront destinations offer memorable experiences and provide an alternative to the typical summer vacation. Richmond, Virginia, Savannah, Georgia, and Spokane, Washington are some of the most popular options in the nation. But, if you’re looking for something a bit more off the beaten path, the following three cities have just as much charm, culture, hospitality, and tradition as the rest. (more…)

5 Summer Activities

If you love the outdoors, summer is the season that works in your favor. Sweltering temperatures, tons of sunlight, and trips to the beach are just a few benefits. Once it’s warm enough to spend your days outside, the possibilities are endless. And so, figuring out your summer itinerary can be overwhelming. Though there’s no need to worry. Make sure your summer includes the following five activities at bare minimum, and you’ll make the most of the warmest months on the calendar. (more…)

Get Off the Beaten Path: 3 Atlantic Ocean Cities

When you plan your summer vacation, you’re thinking about beautiful beaches, great food, and relaxation. Spanning from the rural coasts of Maine to the contemporary shores of Miami, there’s no shortage of hotspots to visit. But one thing that can ruin your getaway is overcrowding. Visiting well-known destinations means long waits for restaurants, few vacant spots on the beach, and lots of traffic. This summer, get off the beaten path and visit one of these 3 lesser known but equally thrilling Atlantic Ocean cities.